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Submit a photo

Submit A Photo

To get your photo published, please follow these guidelines:

Photo must be of a velociraptor stalking Michael Buble.

Please use the standard Buble-stalking velociraptor available here: http://wonder-tonic.com/raptor.png . Feel free to modify him in any way. Apologies for the clumsy clipping mask. Using the standard velociraptor is generally a good thing, but of course there are exceptions (see http://bubleraptor.tumblr.com/post/498519329/submitted-by-cn-submit-your-own)

The velociraptor cannot be physically attacking Michael Buble.

Photo doesn’t need to be masterfully photoshopped, but should at least be an earnest effort.

Please leave your name in the caption box and any linkback URL.

Submissions are accepted and posted in a non-chronological, whim-based fashion. It might take a few days/weeks to see your photo. Sorry.

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